Request professional prevention of wildlife in Forney, TX and surrounding areas

If you want to keep animals out of your Forney, TX area home for good, don't turn to a search engine-you need professional prevention of wildlife. The Lone Star Animal Removal team will take care of your furry visitors by inspecting your property, luring animals with safe and edible lures and putting them back outside where they belong. Then we'll seal up possible and existing points of entry and provide sanitation control services.

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How can you make your home more secure?

Need some tips for prevention of wildlife in the meantime? A few ways you can keep animals at bay are by:

-Checking your home for points of entry and sealing off even the smallest gaps.

-Keeping your flue closed and fitting your chimney with a cap and screen.

-Making sure your attic exhaust fan is properly installed and covered.

-Trimming tree branches regularly so they don't create a bridge to your home.

-Tightly covering your outdoor garbage cans and keeping your yard free of litter.

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